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PCL Printer Compatibility

CLS-Compatible Laser Printers
Last Updated - 6/25/09

To print all CLS reports, including Payroll tax forms, a CLS-compatible laser printer is required.

Most CLS reports, with the exception of payroll tax forms, can be printed on any Windows printer if a third-party print-capture utility (Printfil) has been installed on the workstation. Printfil is available from FMSI.

For a laser printer to be completely compatible with CLS, it must:

We believe that the following printers meet these criteria.  If you have any question about them, please call FMSI technical support; we'll be glad to help you.

For a list of older compatible laser printers, click here.


B & W Laser Printers
HL-2170W HL-5250DNT HL-5370DW HL-6050DN HL-8050N
HL-5240 HL-5280DW HL-5370DWT HL-7050  
HL-5250DN HL-5340D HL-6050D HL-7050N  

Color Laser Printers

Multi-function Printers
DCP-8060 DCP-8085DN MFC-7225W MFC-8460N MFC-8870DW MFC-9450CDN
DCP-8065DN DCP-9040CN MFC-7840W MFC-8480DN MFC-8890DW MFC-9840CDW
DCP-8080DN DCP-9045CDN MFC-8220 MFC-8860DN MFC-9440CN  



B & W Laser Printers

Color Laser Printers
2130cn 3130cn
2135cn 3115cn
2145cn 5110cn


Hewlett Packard

B & W Laser Printers
LaserJet P2015d LaserJet P3005 (all) LaserJet P4515 (all) LaserJet 5500 (all)
LaserJet P2305 (all) LaserJet P4014 (all) LaserJet 4700 (all) LaserJet 9040 (all)
LaserJet P2055 (all) LaserJet P4015 (all) LaserJet 5200 (all) LaserJet 9050 (all)

Color Laser Printers
LaserJet CP1515n LaserJet CP3505 (all) LaserJet CP6015 (all)
LaserJet CP1518ni LaserJet CP3525 (all) Color LaserJet 4700 (all)
LaserJet CP2025 (all) LaserJet CP4005 (all) Color LaserJet 5550 (all)

Multi-function Laser Printers
LaserJet M1522 MFP (all) LaserJet M3035 MFP (all) LaserJet M9040 MFP (all) LaserJet CM3550 MFP (all)
LaserJet M2727 MFP (all) LaserJet M4345 MFP (all) LaserJet M9050 MFP (all) LaserJet CM3530 MFP (all)
LaserJet M3027 MFP (all) LaserJet M5035 MFP (all) LaserJet CM1312 MFP (all) LaserJet CM 4730 MFP (all)



B & W Laser Printers
InfoPrint 1532 Express InfoPrint 1585 InfoPrint 1812 InfoPrint 1852 InfoPrint 2210
InfoPrint 1552 InfoPrint 1612 Express InfoPrint 1822 InfoPrint 1872 InfoPrint 2235
InfoPrint 1572 InfoPrint 1811 InfoPrint 1832 InfoPrint 2190  

Color Laser Printers
InfoPrint Color 1634 Express InfoPrint Color 1767 InfoPrint Color 1854
InfoPrint Color 1754 Express InfoPrint Color 1824  
InfoPrint Color 1764 InfoPrint Color 1834  


Multi-function Laser Printers
InfoPrint 1540 MFP InfoPrint 1580 MFP InfoPrint 1870 MFP InfoPrint Color 1769 MFP InfoPrint Color 1866 MFP
InfoPrint 1560 MFP InfoPrint 1650 MFP InfoPrint 1880 MFP InfoPrint Color 1826 MFP  
InfoPrint 1570 MFP InfoPrint 1850 MFP InfoPrint Color 1759 MFP InfoPrint Color 1846 MFP  
InfoPrint 1572 MFP InfoPrint 1860 MFP InfoPrint Color 1764 MFP InfoPrint Color 1856 MFP  



B & W Laser Printers
E2050D, DN E352DN E460DN T644 T654N
E260DN E360DN T640 T650N W840
E350D E450DN T642 T652N  

Color Laser Printers
C530DN C540N C734N, DN, DTN, DW C782N, N XL
C532N, DN C543DN C736N, DN, DTN C935DN, DTN, DTTN, HDN
C534N, DN, DTN C544N, DN, DTN, DW C780N, DN  

Multi-function Laser Printers
X204N X464DE X644E X658DE X852E
X264N X466DE, DTE, DWE X646E, DTE, EF X734DE X854E
X342N X543DN X651DE X736DE X940E
X363DN X544N X652DE X738DE, DTE X945E
X364DN, DW X560N X654DE X782E, E XL  
X463DE X642E X656DE X850E, E V3, E V4  



B & W Laser Printers
B9300n, dn B4550, n B6300, n, dn
B2400, n B4600, n, n PS B6500, n, dn, dtn
B4400, n B6250n, dn  

Color Laser Printers
C7100n, dn, dtn C6050n, dn C9650n, dn, hdn, hn
C830n, dn, dtn C6150n, dn, dtn, hdn C9800hdn, hn
C3600n C8800n, dn, dtn  

Multi-function Laser Printers
B2540 MFP CX1145 MFP CX2633 MFP MC560n MFP
B4545 MFP CX2032 MFP CX3641 MFP MC860 MFP
C5550 MFP CX2033 MFP ES 1624n MFP  

Ricoh (Aficio)

B & W Laser Printers
AP610N SP 4100N, NL, N KP SP 5100N SP 9100DN
BP20, N SP 4110N SP 8100DN  
SP 3300D, DN SP 4210N SP 8200DN  

Color Laser Printers
SP C221N SP C232DN SP C400DN SP C420DN, DN KP CL3500N
SP C222DN SP C311N SP C410DN, DN KP SP C811DN CL7200
SP C231N SP C312DN SP C411DN    

Multi-function Laser Printers
1515, 1515MF MP 1350 MP 4000 MP 8000 MP C2030 MP C4000
2016 MP 1600, 1600L MP 4500 MP 9000 MP C2050, 2050SPF MP C4500 EFI
2018 MP 2000, 2000L MP 5000 Pro 906EX MP C2500 EFI MP C5000
2020D MP 2510 MP 5500 Pro 1106EX MP C2550 MP C6000
AC 205, 205L MP 2550 MP 6000 Pro 1356EX MP C2800 MP C7500
MP 161, 161SPF MP 3010 MP 6500 SP 3200SF MP C3000 EFI SP C221SF
MP 171, 171SPF MP 3350 MP 7000 SP 4100SF MP C3300 SP C222SF
MP 1100 MP 3500 MP 7500 615C MP C3500 EFI SP C232SF


B & W Laser Printers
ML-2571N ML-3051ND ML-4551N
ML-2851ND ML-4050N  
ML-2855ND ML-4551NDR  

Color Laser Printers

Multi-function Laser Printers
SCX-5530FN SCX-6322DN CLX-6200FX CLX-8380ND
SCX-5835FN SCX-6345N CLX-6210FX  
SCX-5935FN SCX-6555N CLX-6240FX  

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